Thursday, September 27, 2007

Absolutely Manic!

Is that the world or me?? I suddenly remembered that I ought to post a little bit more on my blog , when I was lying awake at about 5 this morning! ( one of those things that you get when you get to my age! more about all that in another blog...

and so I thought I would write down what I had been up to for the past few days. ( I quite like the idea that someone somewhere might read this and think oh yes that is what my days are like....

I have a upcoming retail show at Alexandra Palace tomorrow for 2 days , and as we manufacture or collect most of the "stuff" we sell, I have been busy making NEW rubberstamps..oriental, and also new single stamps which are less than half the price of my die sheets.

I have been collating vintage items for my bags and twills and all sorts of things... I seem to be permanently using my fabulous laser printer( pressie from DH last year) and also getting together the workshop for 60 lucky people!

If you are coming along drop by and see us on stand 49. Mal has decided to do a draw for an amazing amount of stuff. All you have to do is buy something to enter, and then collect your prize at the end of the day!

He also has discovered punches, so will be giving awaylittle dragonflies, and snowflakes at his whim! I will make a crafter of him yet!!!

Off now to pack the rest of the stuff......will let you know how it all goes..

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Jo said...

Hi Jennie. I was one of the lucky 60. My first ever workshop and my first time with alcohol inks. Got my artwork home in one piece and haven't wanted to change one bit of it. The class with you has changed my attitude to my stamping. I used to hold back, worried I'd ruin it if things didn't go perfectly. Now I feel like I can have a go at anything. Thanks for the real highlight and a great end to the show.