Sunday, January 13, 2008


Sundays are always washing day in our house.. when I am not working... and today was no exception... I threw it all in that wonderful machine where you throw in a tablet and then go away and do something else.. that's it a washing machine!
So you know how you just know when you have removed all your cotton washing from the machine, and the last thing to come out feels woolly that you have made a mistake . Well I washed my beautiful grey mohair jumper in a cotton wash, and mmm it came out a bit small..... So I asked DH to help me pull it to stretch it, and that didn't really work, so I soaked it, as I thought that might help, and then asked him to help stretch it again with me...pull a little harder he said, no pull harder.... so I pulled hard and so did he.. ( doesn't know his own strength....) and lo and behold he pulled the arms off!!! Anyone want a slightly shrunken vest with matching footless leggings?


Angelnorth said...

Make yourself a bag, Jennie! Did it felt enough to cut into it without it unravelling? If not, chuck it back in the washing machine on a hot wash for a bit. Then cut across level with the armholes, stitch along the bottom and make handles from the bit you cut off the top (use it to encase stout cotton cord if you want non-stretchy handles). Add some funky felt flowers and you're done - a boho chic bag to remember your favourite jumper by :o)

Rachel said...

Oooh I am sorry but I did laugh - I was there about 2 months ago when I did the same thing!!!


Claireabelle said...

apparently if you wash it in conditioner that helps return it. (No idea where I heard that either!)