Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Catching up with myself!

Oh my! It is almost a whole month since I last blogged, and so much has happened that perhaps the best way to describe it would be to say that I had been buried by an avalanche, and am just climbing my way out of right now!! It has been a manic month, and time as always has slipped away!
I will try to show what has happened this last month in pictures, without lots of waffle!!... Firstly we had the absolutely gorgeous and delectable Dyan Reaveley come to teach at The Artistic Stamper. Fun, mayhem, lots and lots of colour, and most of all SILENCE ensued while she was here teaching. I have never heard it so quiet in the classroom... everyone was just concentrating. The gorgeous Marie came with her to supervise (no pics of her :(
Artwork by Dyan

Decorating the classroom wall


Absolute silence!

Now you do it like this...

and we opened the new kitchen in the shop the same weekend..... thank goodness we did, as we drank gallons of tea and coffee!!
Built by Mal

Almost immediately after, Mal and I went to Ireland for some family business and to have a small break... it rained! well what a surprise, and guess what? We left the umbrella behind!! LOL The view from our hotel room was stunning, and I just had to show you this picture of a hill we came across... no gradient, and not an experience that either of us want to repeat again.. scary!!


Hold on to your seatbelts!

This is what we found when we got back.. a gorgeous new piece of art on the classroom wall! Created by Lesley, who gallantly looked after the shop while we were gone.

Imagine this on your wall?!

All in all, it has been an eventful month, and now the sun has come to give us summer! Yea!!
I faithfully promise to get some art on this blog, if I am not meeting myself coming backwards!! If you would like to catch up with me, I often post on Facebook, Twitter and on The Artistic Stamper Facebook page, both of which links are on the sidebars of the blog. Come and join me :)
Have a creative day


Netty said...

wow so wish I lived nearer to you, the class looked a total blast of fabulous colours........oooh am so jealous, hugs Annette x

Jacqueline said...

Wow...loving all that lovely colourful artwork from Lesley as well ad the projects from Dyan's class...soooo wush I lived a bit nearer to your shop. Maybe one day.

Thanks for sharing

Jackie xx

Helen said...

Dyan's class looks full on, full on fun that is!! Glad you enjoyed your break, even in the rain. (was going to put my WOYWW desk number, getting confused!!)

Dylan said...

Had a fabulous time, thank you for initing me xx

Dylan said...

err that should say inviting lol

Pam said...

Such gorgeous colors in the Dyan R. class!! Glad you got to take a little trip, looks beautiful there!

Anonymous said...

I'm still trying not to think about Dyan's classes, because I still hate that I couldn't attend. :) Love the artwork on the walls, hope to see it in person soon.
I'm glad you had some time off & Kinsale is a gorgeous place to visit.

butterfly said...

Such focus in the class - fantastic! And what wonderful words on the wall...
Alison x

Sid said...

Beautiful craty creations Jennie !!