Friday, April 24, 2009

Ice Cream Sundae!

Last week while doing the weekly shop at our local supermarket (ok I do eat when I get time!) Mal and I browsed the freezer section looking for ice cream, and after he chose several rather moorish ice creams, I discovered this, and just had to have it!
Ok it is a discounted product( hmmm) but I have suddenly become a Tesco brand! I never knew that I was contributing to their range and I do wish they had told me, as I would have designed an altered box to go with it! Still, fame at last!!! Watch this space for the altered box, but first I have to finish the ice cream. Mind you, there are several flavours.... so it might be a
Is your name on anything? I will give away blog candy to those who have discovered their name on products.


AliMayes said...

Well this is almost me although I'd much rather be an icecream!!!
Ali xx

Nicola said...

Lol - How fabulous
There's a whole restaurant named after me (well I guess there's a few of us!)
When I was in Venice the Hazelnut icecream was called "nocciola" at first I thought it said Nicola so it became my favourite flavour...Hazelnut Icecream in St Marks Square *heaven*.
I've been inspired by you, so am running a Jewellery Giveaway & Silver Clay on my blog if you fancy trying for some candy of your own ;)
Nic xx

June said...

Lol great stuff Jennie. Nothing i know is named after me lol
Hugs June xxx

lilacanglia said...


Well my surname is Easter,(apart from being happy 'easter' all year round,) so that counts for lots and lots, bonnets, bunnies, and not forgotting those lovely Eggs, (which is also hubbys nickname - eggy - lol)

Carolands said...

and......I have Christmas songs named after me, lol

Anonymous said...

there's a range of yogurts called 'Paula'...and the character is a cow - I was quite offended lol

Stig of Crafting said...

well theres a well known test driver named after me hope thats close enough.
P.S cant craft as fast as he can drive.

Nanette said...

Nanette Lapore is a fashion designer, I believe and I was blessed with the name, "Nanette!" I wish I had her talent!!! AND pocketbook...he he!

Anonymous said...

Ooops....forgot my important info...Nanette (Nanette Lapore)

Flippinpest said...

all I can say is YUM!!!

Rachel said...

Well I apparently make yoghurt & other dairy products including milk :-) Rachel's LOL

Connie said...

Great blog candy! alas, NOTHING (including almost no people, except dead italian ones) is named CONCETTA!
concetta williams

mrsspook said...

LOL at least it's could be something not so nice.
Well I don't know of any products with my name on but every calender has my name in lol
June x

Nes said...

I bought this ice cream last week and I was really surprised how yummy and moreish it was. Sadly I don't think I will ever find anything with my name (Agnes) A.K.A Nes on it.