Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Fairies at the bottom of my Drawer!

I had every intention of doing some artwork for the blog this week, but what with work and Wimbledon getting in the way, sadly the ideas have stayed in the paper they were written on!
I have to confess I am a latent ( is that the right word?) fairy lover! For those who know me well, I collect almost everything, and will often go out of my way to find something. Today I came across the most exquisite box of Fairy Dyes. It wasn't so much the fairy label or the box, although that did have something to do with it, but the contents. The box claims that they are "all fast colours superior to any dye put before the public"!!

I knew as soon as I saw them I had to have them. The box itself is a bit worse for wear, but inside the 12 dyes are almost perfect with only a couple that would probably collapse if you opened them. I did pull a little colour out of one, and it colours paper up wonderfully! and are the powders are contained in little glass vials, some with string to pull them open, others not. Oh, and the colours are Daffodil, Cinnamon, Old Gold, Tangerine, and more.. Just gorgeous! I just had to show you them. I found this reference to them on the net, and will search for a bit more, but I am guessing they are from the mid 1940's. Just love it when I find something like this, and if you would like a little bit of fairy dust ,then let me know as I am thinking of putting some on the website.

Sprinkling fairy love to you!!!


Sid said...

Fantastic find Jennie !! Love the graphics and the contents....think about the way all that has been put together, very labour intensive methinks!!

Littlebear said...

Wow, what a find! They are fabulous.
Clare x

Sarah Anderson said...

They look wonderful, I'm jealous ;)

My name is Wynneth said...

hmmm.... fairy dust - every girl should have some LOL :0)... what a fabulous find, you clever girl :0)


michele said...

Wow, Jennie, I am totally jealous. I would have bought it just for the box. Where did you find them? I think I would even put the box top in a frame and hang it in my work room.

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Best wishes, Jennie! Michele x

Hels said...

Oh I m soooo envious! Those are fab and I loooove them...p'raps you will let me have a little nosey at them next time I see you? LOL

Kim Dellow said...

Oh aren't they fabulous, wonderful! Kim

Jackie said...

How brilliant are they! I would love to find stuff like that. The box it's self is gorgeous but to have all those dyes still in them in tiny vials is wonderful.

Lyneen said...

Wow these are supper cool... the boxes are amazing... JUST LOVE THEM... Now i will be on the lookout when i am antique shopping!