Sunday, June 28, 2009

Brighton Rocks!

Yesterday we went on a trip to Brighton. This is such a wonderful place when the sun shines, and it was full of people and seagulls! I took my camera with me, in the hope I might snap something good, and although no photographer, I think I got some good pics. Now I have to create a couple of LO's to add to the pics! I confess I dragged Mal shopping to Lush ( such gorgeous smells!) The Brighton Bead shop (a beadaholics paradise!), passed by the Choccywoccydoodah shop ( couldn't resist taking a pic of the chocolate cat in the window) and The Lanes , where we wandered aimlessly looking at bizarre and expensive goodies! I did buy a couple of things, including a butterfly cake cutter, some beads of course, and some bubble bath from Lush, well actually Mal bought them as a pressie for me.
We wandered down to the seafront for my fix of the sea. Even though I live not far from it( about 10 mins), I am always drawn to the sea, and have to visit it to recharge my batteries every so often. Does that sound weird? The sun was so bright, and I managed to capture some yachts out on the waves , and even snapped a couple with a seagull flying in between.
No trip to Brighton is complete without a look at the Brighton Pavilion, and a quick snap of the gorgeous roof!
Coming home we thought we would go the coast route, and set off in what we thought was the right direction, We never saw the coast, as the satnav on our BMW top of the range courtesy car decided to take us the shortest route which involved every minor road possible. It was an interesting way to see the country of East Sussex!
Have a great Sunday!


mitch1066 said...

ooooh this takes me back,i grew up there but now live in ontario,Canada.I miss the sea.Your pictures brought back the sound of the sea and seagulls and the smell of salt in the air.Thanks!

Janis said...

I love the sailboat picture! Sounds fabulous!

lottie said...

Looks like you had a wonderful break - just a day recharges one's batteries doesn't it.

Glad the sun shone too - gorgeous photos

Nicki said...

looks like you had a lovely day and that chocky cat - yummmm!
take care

Anonymous said...

never been to Brighton smyself but it looks like you had a great time!

Rose XXX

Caroline said...

Hi Jennie
Looks like you both had a nice day...and what a good photo of my daddy!
The video takes a very long time to upload (or download WHATEVER) so did'nt see it working OK
I have a friend who lives in Brighton.

Cazzy said...

You must be addicted to the ozone! I love the sea too, don't live near it sadly but will be going in a couple of weeks.

Cazzy x