Thursday, June 25, 2009

Utee book

I haven't had a a lot of time this week to create, so went trawling through my artwork on the computer and came across this book I made for a friend for Christmas one year. I love this stamp ( I have to look it up to tell you whose it is) , and I simply poured a coloured Utee onto a craft sheet and stamped straight into it. I loved the pored effect that happened. I then added some small brads in the corner while still wet, and glued it onto the book.I am still editing the videos, so be patient... I wish I was , but work gets in the way!
Here's hoping the sun shines today


Lottie said...

Oh Jennie - this truly is wonderful, I bet your friend was over the moon with it.

I just love the texture and doesn't it look fabulous on the black book. I am ashamed to say that I don't use my melt pot very much - I seem to go in 'spells' of doing one thing, then going onto the next 'in thing' - but should go back a rediscover my melt pot.

Thanks for the inspiration. I love you video tutorials - they are great to watch - and you can't beat seeing someone do something rather than just reading the written word.

Have a good weekend

Cheryl said...

just love this thanks for the video too your blog is ful of inspiration lots love cheryl xxx

Sid said...

Jennie, it just proves that 'simple' is effective !! Lovely book !

Piddawinkle said...

that is luvverley!!!

Anonymous said...

simple but stunning, love that stamp jennie! xx

laury55 said...

great the quote on it