Monday, August 24, 2009

A Little Interlude

Over the weekend, we stripped out my studio workshop, well part of it to redo the work surfaces, and provide me with a better area to create in. Oh how I missed my computer, now installed on a new desk, and we put in a whole customised set of drawers too. The work bench is going in tonight! Yah! So tomorrow when the light is better and all the bits and bobs are in the drawers I will show you the finished area. It is strange when stuff is removed or changed, you get a different concept. For example the computer screen is now on the wall, and the chair is too low :(, so new chair needed! Sat on a cushion right now typing! Also had to make the words on the screen bigger so I can see them.. oooh I feel old age creeping up! I also missed my inks and stamps and there was nowhere to create, so roll on tomorrow so I can play!
In the meantime, here are a couple of pics of where we went on our holiday in The Black Mountains in Monmouthshire. I loved the place, even though I do prefer to be nearer the sea, but it was quiet and hilly, and very very green! This was the view from my friend's cottage

I have so many pics, but this one tickled me as Mal managed to get a sheep hidden in greenery.... Finally today if you are still thinking of applying for our Creative Team, here is Susan's blog, another one of my Fab team! Go say hi to her...

Hugs to all


Lottie said...

Lovely holiday views

Your craft space sounds very posh - a computer screen on the wall - brilliant frees up your desk doesn't it. I hope to see some photos!

I have been over to Susan's to say hi and leave a comment and I also visited Lucy's the other day - lovely blogs

Carolands said...

Lucky you, my desk is also my craft space and sometimes I work in a right old mess, lol. I need a major tidy up at the mo as the floor space is getting smaller and smaller. Nice pics btw, haven't been to that part of the country, we have a beautiful country.