Friday, September 24, 2010

New Stamps are in the House!

Finally the new stamps are available, and I do so hope you like them. We love them!! Designed to go with our other Tick Tock stamps, there are flowers, and butterflies, and some gorgeous Christmas baubles! For those of you who love the nostalgic nature of Mabel Lucie Attwell, we have 3 new ones of hers too!! Here is a taster of a couple of them, and to see them all just jump into hyperspace, and pop over to The Artistic Stamper website!

I have to say that I am running on nervous energy at the moment, and am writing this just before I go to bed! If I am lucky I will get a few hours sleep before we set off for Ally Pally and the Big Stamp and Scrapbooking show! For those of you who are coming along, we have a great offer for you...spend £25 or more on anything you like, and get one of these- a gorgeous grungepaper rose pin!

Hels and I have been making them for weeks now, and there are 25 grungepaper roses every day, with a special GOLD one for a lucky recipient on both days! If you are lucky enough to receive it, you will get a brilliant bag jam packed with lots of goodies!
Hels will doing make and take all day both days, Mal will be overseeing it all, and Zoe will be on the till! I shall be demoing the meltpot and a new technique which I know you will love!
I will be back on Monday to show you what I was doing...but if you would like to see up to the minute pictures, I shall be tweeting from my phone in those quiet moments you get!! I think I must be dreaming can follow me by clicking on the link down the left hand side of the page.
if you are coming please say hi, I love putting blog names to faces, and if you are not, have a very Creative weekend


ellen said...

Hi Jennie - Hope you & Hels have a great weekend at Ally Pally - wish I could be there!!! Hope it's a great event - love the new stamps.

Jan said...

Have fun and love the roses!

Helen said...

See you tomorrow, Jennie - fab stamps. I can't afford to spend too much.... help!!!

Cheryl said...

oh wow hun I cant wait to come to ally pally be my first time,and really would love one of those roses,oh they are lush I will pop over and say hello I will be wearing,a crafty individuals badge but then,you have seen my ugly mug on my blog so you really cant miss me he he hugs cheryl xxxx

Chris said...

OOOOOOOOh I wish I could come to Ally Pally :( I hope you and Hels have a fabulous time.
Love love love the new stamps... now I just have to find some pennies. Could have to resort to begging...maybe someone will listen and then I could have those steampunk delights in my messy mits :D
Chris xx

Cardarian said...

YIPEEEEEE!!! I will be flying to London in a few hours so I am looking forward to see you gals! Of course I have got a few bob in my pocket so that I can buy some stuff too and maybe get a rose! :-)
See ya!

Dallying Debz said...

The more I read the more I realise I must find time to come to Ally Pally this weekend.

Hope to see you Sunday

Gerrie Johnnic said...

New stamps, I must go see, beautiful grungie flower gals are just amazing! hugz

Yvonne Russell said...

These flowers are gorgeous. I love the idea of the gold flower for the goodies giveaway. All the best for the event.

Stampersue said...

I wish could make it to the Ally Pally but it is just too far and the old hip problem means I couldn't get round. Have a great time and the roses look fantastic.