Thursday, November 25, 2010

Three birds hanging in a row!

The mojo re-appeared this afternoon, ( not sure where it had been.. somewhere hot and sunny, I expect! lol) and I spent about half an hour or maybe a little more, making a piece for you :))
Here is a little snippet of it:

 If you would like to see how easy peasy it is to make, then fly over (sorry awful pun) to our Creative Team blog, and if you like it a lot, it can be yours too!! :)))
Have a very Creative day!


Lesley said...

Hi from across the pond Jennie. Love this little bird, can't wait to hop over to the blog and check it out. Always looking for new inspiration. Thanks muchly

Anonymous said...

Stunning! Glad you got your mojo back Jennie, missed your art! x

Shar said...

Awesome! Love the three hanging together!

Shoshi said...

I love this, Jennie - so sweet! Glad to hear you've got your mojo back. Did it have a good tan from being in the sun?