Saturday, December 04, 2010

Mal's snowman!- a treat for you

Well, I always knew Mal was a child at heart, but this is ridiculous! I heard him in my stock room  rummaging and mumbling.... Then he reappeared with camera round neck one hour later to show me this!
With a big smile on his frozen face he presented me with this photos, of Crafty the snowman, (love his wry smile :))and said it would be great to have a competition to cheer up all you frozen crafters.
Correctly list all the items with colours, and Mal will rummage in my room again, and come up with a selection of Tim's products for the winner!
Leave a comment with the items you think are there, and Mal will pick the winner on Friday 10th December.
Keep wrapped up warm.. fingerless gloves are good! lol
edited -this is my 500th post so is perfect for blog candy!!


Pickleberry Papercrafts said...

That's so funny! Will he call 999 if I come & steal the Ornate Plate!

flutterbycrafter said...

What a fantastic snowman, looks as though he's used an ornate plate, ranger dabbers and Claudines acrylic paints. Well done Mal.

Anonymous said...

Lol!! Mal's snowman is brilliant! I think he used distress stickles, viva metallic paint, paint dabbers & an ornate plate!
Alison xx

MvM-design said...

Hahahaha this ia a great snowman!! Woww 500 posts congrats, that's a lot!!
I think I see paintdabbers, atudio paint, Viva Ferro steel and an ornate plate from T!m....????
Have a nice weekend Jennie ;-)

ruth said...

Well that kept me busy trying to work things out, love the snowman, for some reason reminds me of a Dalek but very friendly....think I see an ornate plate, distress stickles in stormy sky, tumbled glass and ? black soot, also crackle paint in antique bronze, pine needles and ?walnut stain......congrats on 500th post,have followed blog for over a year and have finally left a comment!Thanks I really enjoy my visits.

Esther said...

he he what a cute snowman...I think his buttons are studio paints - classic teal, sable brown and painterly pink, an ornate plate at his neck, stickles for his eyes - pine needles and tumbled glass for his nose this stumped me a bit but think it could be a bottle of perfect pearls mist ?

Congrats on your 500th post...Esther xx

whyducks said...

Oh wonderful packing pixie, thank you for the smile. I haven't got time to tell you the items as I am being nagged to go and buy some food as him indoors has just dug the car out!

whyducks said...

Oh packing pixie it is great, thank you for the smile!

Jan said... that he went to your craft room for supplies to bring this sweet snowman to life :)

Sarah A said...

Lol, Mal's snowman looks great, the best dressed in the country!! Ours looks decidedly naked in comaprison lol! My kids now want to raid my stash thanks to Mal's antics haha!

I think he has used
Idea-ology Ornate plate
Distress Stickles in Stormy sky and Tumbled Glass
Studio Paints in Sable Brown, Classic Teal and Painterly Pink
Ferro in Amber Gold.
Hat and Bells,models own!!

Sarah x

PS Thank Mal for cheering up my day with this cutie snowman!!

Cheryl said...

brilliant snow man,hun well done on your 500 post too wow,as for the snowman,think he has used,ornate plate,distress stickles viva crackles paints in,teal,bronze,pine,needles,and walnut stain,hugs cheryl xxxxx

SannaS said...

FABULOUS!!!!! Love this mr snowman, what a crafter's dream!!! =)

I think I see at least an ornate plate, I see 2 distress stickles (tumbled glass, stormy sky??), 3 bottles of crackle paints (vintage photo, worn lipstick, pine needles??), the nose ????, maybe a perfect pearls mist (heirloom gold??)..these are my guesses, hope some them are right.. ;)

Hugs, SannaS

Anita said...

This is so cute! I see stickles and paint. Not sure what colors.

Debo said...

Loving Crafty the Snowman!

I think I can see: Eyes-distress stickles, tumbled glass and pine needles?
Nose - perfect pearls mist, heirloom gold?
Buttons - crackle paint, vintage photo, pine needles and worn lipstick?
And an ornate bookplate in antique brass (or copper)?

Stampersue said...

I love your snowman he is soooo cute.

I think you used:-
Distress Stickles Pine Needles & Tumbled Glass. Studio Paints Classic Teal, Sable Brown & Painterly Pink. A TH Ornate Plate and perhaps Perfect Pearls Mist Heirloom Gold?


sandra said...

Oh girls!!!
Thanks for the laugh!!!
I think she used-
Distress Stickles in Stormy sky and Tumbled Glass?
Idea-ology Ornate plate.
Crackle Paints in Vintage Photo, Worn Lipstick, Pine Needles?
Nose could be Perfect Pearls Mist in Forever Violet?
Oh,I'm not sure!!!lol.
Hope I got that right!lol

Pam said...

HAHAHAHAA...This is the BEST!!! Esther is right...I just know she is. Isn't she?(finger's crossed) I hope you are sending a copy of Crafty the Snowman to Timmy. He will just love it.