Saturday, February 05, 2011


He he, little does she know I have finally managed to get on here!!!!
After a day of high winds and setting up the stand for Stamperama,! while she who must be obeyed (yes Jen, Right away Jen!,that looks good there!) is fast asleep I thought I would try this blogging thing!!!!.
So here I am, just to say come along Sunday and say Hi to Jen, Hels and Me, We have some new stamps l, and all the usual goodies and yes,I will make sure she is wide awake by then !!
And last but not least a piece of art which I found lying around on "THE" Desk lol

The Hijacker


wearestampers said...

Absolutely love those jars! Thanks for sharing highjacker!!!

Hels Sheridan said...

Aw poor old Jen... she's been working too hard!! Looking forward to tomz... mine's a coffee, milk, 2 sugars LOL

Helen said...

And it looked as good in the flesh.

craftimamma said...

Wish I could have come to say hello to the 3 of you today. Never mind, I'm trying hard to build a case for getting to Ally Pally.

Thanks for showing the fab tag Highjacker!

Lesley Xx