Sunday, May 12, 2013

Heart, Heart {♥}

Hello Blog {♥}! and hello to you too! WOW! another post! Don't get too excited , it may be my last for a I taught a class yesterday using the meltpot, and we did loads of techniques which the girls made into a canvas. Normally I would use stretched canvases, but this time we used a hardboard canvas which is much better for stamping onto, so the possibilities are endless....must get some more of them {♥}

I didn't take any photos of the girl's creations (no idea why) , but I did photograph mine, and here are some of the elements. I used Dina Wakley's Spilled Hearts template {♥} with UTEE to make the corner part of the canvas, and the top right hand corner is a piece of dipped UTEE music paper... definitely think I have to do some more of this!
All the textures in the UTEE were made using the new stamps which you can find here.


The class was great deal of fun, and I get to do it again next weekend too!
Have a very creative day {♥}


Anonymous said...

Jennie, they are beautiful.

GillOsmond said...


Disco Queen said...

Wow! The class sounds like it was a lot of fun. I have not tried dipping paper into UTEE yet. May give it a try this afternoon.

Lynn Hardy said...
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Lynn Hardy said...

I "heart" your canvas Jennie!

Claireliz said...

Oooh these are pretty.
C xx

butterfly said...

Oh yum... wonderful textures - a real treat!
Alison x