Saturday, May 04, 2013

Wax and Waning

I did promise that I would tend my blog with love and care, and several weeks ago I taught a wax class, and never did get round to showing you my canvas. We worked with wax in the melt pot stamps, moulds and the very useful serviettes... never pass by a pretty serviette, you never know when it might be useful!! lol
Here are the girls gorgeous creations!

and here is mine, which definitely needs more work on it :)


If you fancy a meltpot of my favourites, we have one at the shop next weekend , and there are still a few places on it.
Have a great holiday weekend
Stay Creative


jacqueline sweeney said...

How gorgeous are those ! Iust try that sometime. Not done anything with the beeswax yet. Thanks for sharing.

Jackie x

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous canvases!

Rosemary said...

That was a great workshop, so much so that I made 2 smaller ones to match mine. Sadly I am still looking for somewhere to hang them but I will.

Anonymous said...

These are all very pretty, and love the look of the wax on them!!


Carolyn Phillips said...

These all look gorgeous. I must get my wax out again.

butterfly said...

Delicious canvases - I can see I'm going to succumb to a Meltpot one of these days!!
Alison x

CK Chai said...

Ooh, these are gorgeous!

Donna B said...

These are very pretty!

Paula Jane Atkinson said...

These are really stunning.
As for late blogging, my blog is lucky if I post once a month!!!
I feel ashamed but reading is more my thing right now. I'd rather make nice things or nothing at all so I only have cards to show :(