Monday, May 31, 2010

2 Awards!

I have been blessed with 2 awards this long weekend, and am not sure which to show you first and answer each or whether to combine the two! So here goes, the first one was given to me by Tracy and is a beautiful blogger award, thank you Tracy! I am supposed to tell you 10 things about myself, and nominate 10 people too.
The other award is a Creative Writer award from my dear friend Wendy. I have to display the award, and tell 6 outrageous lies about yourself and one truth, or switch it about and tell 6 truths and one lie............and nominate 7 people for the award.
 So I have improvised and joined the 2 together, and here are 7 little known facts about me....truth or lies?
1. I once met Prince Charles dressed only in my underwear...
2. I love to eat bananas and salt and vinegar crisps together
3. I gave birth to my daughter in an ambulance.
4. I ran the London marathon when it first started.
5. I once worked for Sir Bob Geldof.
6. I have written a book on rubber stamping.
I have found it extremely hard to nominate anyone as there are lots of you who deserve these awards, so I have chosen 6 to make it fair...
Have fun and enjoy your day!


Hazel said...

oh I'm now puzzling as to which are true or false! lol! x

June said...

Congrats on your awards you certainly deserve them both
hugs June xxxx

embroidnurse said...

You certainly deserve the awards, I love your blog. As for the lies - I reckon they are all true ;)

Sid said...

All true !! methinks ! I have to do it now.......such intrigue !

Gerrie Johnnic said...

Well I know you met Charlie dressed only in your undies, I saw it with my own eyes! liar liar pants on fire! lol, xxoo

Gillian said...

Some really interesting facts here Jennie lol ... prince charles ... underwear lol, and the banana with salt n vinegar crisps!! Congrats on both awards:) x

Minxy said...

Thanks for the awards.. but i'm pretending i haven't seen them till i've more time to think up some answers LOL