Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Port Sunlight, London, and a Winner!

I am so sorry, I should have done this yesterday, but Port Sunlight exhausted me (I think I am now too old to be doing shows! ..lol) and I spent a wonderful day in London seeing a very good friend, and then my daughter, and shopping! Port Sunlight was such fun as always, and I met up with so many people, and had a blast, making metal birds ( when I wasn't outside have a quick blast of the sun!!!rofl), and generally having fun! It was good to see Wendy and Sue, and Lorraine, and Sid, and so many others.
One of the friendliest shows I go to. Yesterday, I spent with my friend Sulie from Vienna, and we talked a lot, and went shopping in the antique market in Covent Garden, and ate lots, and talked some more, and then met up with my daughter and talked even more...lol
A fun day! Back to work today :(
I know you want to know who won the Tim Holtz die and the little bird, so here without much further ado, is the winner chosen by Random.org...
Please email me your snail mail address, so I can send you your candy!
Have a great day!


Leanne said...

Oh wow, it completely spooked me when I saw that you had written about Port Sunlight as I went to school there - I never see it mentioned anywhere!!

Glad that you had a good show - is there any others in Port Sunlight in the summer?

Have a great day.
Leanne xx

Lilacanglia said...

sounds like you have a most wonderful time,

Sarah Anderson said...

glad to see you got a piccie of Mrs Roddis as I didn't, and there seem to be far too many pics of me around!! Your birds are gorgeous, I love them, especially the piece with 3 birds on it!

JAN said...

congrats to the winner sounds like a great show hugs janet

whyducks said...

Well done crafty owl. Sounds like a very busy life you lead, glad you had a good time with a friend and DD. Thanks for posting. x

Jan said...

Sounds like fun!!
Congrats to the winner :)

Lorraine said...

great chatting to you and Mal..love all the alterable stuff you had for sale and those metal birds were boss!! lol..hope you had a profitable day

Lynn Stevens said...

Sounds like a wonderful show and time spent with special friends!