Thursday, October 21, 2010


Yesterday I woke up to complete darkness..  No lights, no heating , no hot water, no telephone and worse of all no Internet or computer for me to post my woyww !! how could this happen???? lol .. We had a blackout or power outage , as they say in the USA for over 13 hours, and boy it was weird! Not sure I would want to endure that for too long, as I remember the brown outs in the 70's!! yes I am that old... what do you mean you thought I was only 21? rofl
It did mean that all my Internet orders went unattended yesterday, and we cooked toast over the gas flame for breakfast and boiled water in a saucepan.. thank goodness we have a gas hob!
I am absolutely a 21st century girl!
I know you are immediately, but you could have crafted, and yes I did, but I worked my journal for a while in the morning, and came up with this using my new Aquamarkers that I acquired a while ago , and the lightbulb stamps, and some Maya Road chipboard.

Journals are brilliant, as they allow you to make mistakes, and write down your inner thoughts , if you want to. Mine is slow going, and I always forget to take it with me on my travels!
The electrics are back on now, and I think we were quite lucky as apparently there was gas leak near an electric box, so they switched it off so we didn't go sky high!
I am not sure if I have introduced you to the latest member of our Creative Team, but you have to go and take a look at Sioux's gorgeous ATC on the Creative Team blog. It is stunning!

On that note I am off to pack up my orders, and prepare for my workshop weekend at It's Crafting Time near Cambridge... along with teaching I am doing a spooky punt up the river too! hope to get photos and show you next week!
Have a Creative day


Rosemary said...

Wow 13 hours - that's a long itme to be without any power. Glad it is back now. Loving the journal.

whyducks said...

That is worrying, Jennie and pixie up in smoke! Love your journal a very good use for the light bulb stamp! Enjoy your punt and don't fall in!

Sid said...

Super page Jennie !!

Lucy Edmondson said...

You are an amazing lady to have used the situation so creatively! Wonderful journal! I was 7 in the Winter of Discontent and my Dad was the union negotiator. He used to come home at 3 am and my Mum spent the evenings reading to us by candlelight.

Doone said...

ooh poor thing - did you wash in cold water?


Carmen said...

13 hours without power! Yikes. I have to ask - what on earth is a brown out?

Popped by to let you know my piccies of my Christmas box are up on my blog. My last box is still empty as one of the kids has nicked the spinning top out of my cracker so am going to wait and see if I get another in ours ;)