Saturday, August 20, 2011

I am melting!

Today I am spending the day teaching melting techniques with my ladies at Pickleberry :) Hopefully I will have all my faculties when I arrive, will not have forgotten anything, and have taken my camera too! I can use my new found skills to have them all pose with their creations!  This is a sneaky preview of what they will making , in their own way of course....

ooops who is this?  sneaked in a picture of my step grandson Fraser , who is my namesake ( being my maiden name :)))) ...Love cuddling newborns, especially when you can give them back at the appropriate time... nappy changing, crying, needing feeding! lol

Have a very creative day!



Anonymous said...

Looks great Jennie! Melt art has to be the greatest thing on the planet, still think it's magical! Have fun! Lovely pic of Fraser too! xx

Lesleym said...

It was a great workshop Jenni, thanks. See you in October

sparkles said...

Fabby day Jennie. You have tomorrow to recover lol
Thankyou, but I will give the roses a miss !!!!