Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Learning a new craft!

I have just spent the past Saturday learning how to use my camera with Kirsty Wiseman, and I had the bestest time! Now I have had a camera for ever, but  I just point and click.. you know that, see it, like it, click it, but now I can do things with it, I didn't even know it could do! We met up at Covent Garden, and spent all of the day wandering in parks, and along the embankment, and ate loads, and had a glass of wine...you know those things girls do!! lol  I did come home with loads of photos, of about 3 are ok, and the rest can be binned! This photo is pinched from Kirsty's blog, of all of us would be David Bailey's.. (a fabulous group of girls!). The other photos are just the best of the bunch I took!

Thank you Kirsty for the best day, and girls for the laughs, it was fun!!!


Belinda said...

Hey Jennie not sure about you but I've only just come down, and that's just the sugar from the macaroon, which was OMG gorgeous!!
Loving your pics aside from my uggerly mug spoiling the last one, lol!
Will pop mine on flickr asap my flicker screen name BelindaJW
Thanks for the laughs. Belinda x

morris.jacqueline said...

Hi, it was great wasn't it!
I really,really want a digital now.
I've posted mine on flicker too. The good ones and the bad! My flicker name is Jaki62

When's the improvers course?

Shazza said...

love the pics you took Jenny, I really need to do a course as well x

Caroline Rawcliffe said...

That sound fun...does she come to Liverpool?

Shoshi said...

Some great photos there Jennie! Very well done indeedy.

Sid said...

Sounds like you had a great day with your camera !! Love the bikes !