Friday, December 21, 2012

An early Christmas Greeting...just in case!

Today is predicted to be the end of the world, according to the  Mayans, and in normal Jennie style, I haven't done my Christmas cards (although the thought is there!), so before we are all swept up in an apocalypse, I thought I would show you my Christmas cards that I did make!  These are the easiest cards to make. Take one melting pot, some clear UTEE, a small Christmas cookie cutter, some printed or photocopied Christmas patterns (I used patterns from the net printed on my laser colour printer), a Christmas greeting stamp, some inks, and some cards , of course!
Melt clear UTEE in the meltpot. Smear a little embossing ink around the edge of the cookie cutter to avoid the UTEE sticking.

 Place your cookie cutter onto the printed paper. Pour the melted UTEE slowly ( to avoid bubbles) into the cookie cutter. Allow to cool.

 When cool, lift off the cutter, and peel the paper away from the UTEE. The pattern will stick to the cooled UTEE.

Add a greeting to the card, and glue the snowman ( or tree!) to the card. Simple! I started taking photos of the tree cutter, and then switched to the snowman!! Hence the photos are a bit odd! Must be the cold I developed over yesterdday, which I am taking with me when the world ends!!!


Now it is a wonder that I didn't make more, and get them in the post!! mmmm....well as the world is ending today, it won't matter. However for those friends of mine who read this post, and usually get a card... I will be sending them next year! LOL that is if we are still here!


Buttons said...

Huge thankyous for this Jennie. I've got a meltpot on it's way to me this Christmas (unless the post disappears in the apocolypse!) and will be playing with this technique to create some embellies as these look SO good. If we do make it past today I hope you have the best Christmas ever and a wonderful New Year ahead. Hugs, Jenny x

Helen said...

Great idea Jennie! If the world doesn't end this morning,hope you and Mal have a wonderful & happy Christmas!! if it does, have a wonderful post apocalypse life! See you soon.

Anonymous said...

So far, so good on the Mayan Apocalypse front. I think if we get to a second past midnight tonight without it happening we should be okay. :) :)
Love your cards, such a great idea. Have a great Christmas.

Jacqueline said...

I am going to have a go that! They would make great little tree decorations ! Use other shapes for some nice jewellery too!

Thanks for sharing

Jackie x

Anesha said...

Great idea, did you use an inkjet or laser printer?

Pam said...

What a cool technique! Thanks for sharing! Happy Christmas to you!!

Anesha said...

oops should have read your post properly. :)

Julia S-W said...

What an inspired idea Jennie! I don't have a melt pot (yet) but clearly I need one now!
Have a great Christmas.

Linda Cain said...

Wonderful fun! TFS and have a great Christmas season.


Redanne said...

Fabulous ideas Jennie, off to look for my cookie cutters now! If we are still here and you get to read this, I wish you and yours a very happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year. Hugs, Anne x