Sunday, October 31, 2010

Love at First Fright.!

Happy Halloween to you ! I had high hopes of doing a very spooky piece for you for today, but ended up with my two skeletons having a hug with a spider!! Now is she in love with the spider or her mate? lol The little charm on the tag made with Mr Holtz's embossing folder is from the girls paperie, and these are the heaviest charms I have seen in a long time.
I am having a day with DD today , so am off shopping and then dinner, and lots of spooky fun later in the dark! 
Today is also the last day for the Warrior Woman's blog challenge, and for my blog candy, I will be picking the winner later today, and posting it tomorrow :))
Happy spookiness to you

Friday, October 29, 2010

Totally wireless, and two great workshops!

I promised I would tell and show you last weekend when I taught 2 classes at It's Crafting Time near Cambridge. I taught my utee ring book on Saturday and a mixed Media class on Sunday, and it was great fun, interspersed with gorgeous cakes and giggles, and fabulous creations!
 Two of the gorgeous books created

 workshop Saturday

 Workshop Sunday

 Nina was the hostess with the mostest and invited me to stay in her lovely home. We went on a trip up the river Cam in a punt on Saturday night which was great with ghostly tales told by the man with the pole! lol

Ghostly punting
and for those of you who are wondering about the missing wire... here is the story... get up at 5am on, bath, do hair, dress, get in car , drive to Cambridge , with stop on way for Starbucks Frappucino ( just loving I can get these on the motorways now!!). Arrive at shop, set up, start to teach workshop. Nothing new in that.. normal..until ( now this is for those who wear bras ( I am certainly not a 60's girl burn your bra etc!) .. I feel that uncomfortable, think I might have a wire coming out of my bra, feeling under my arm. I am teaching here, so do I excuse myself and go and fix it, or do I carry on? I go fix it, and it isn't fixable, so out it comes! The rest of day is brilliant, and we go punting, and out to dinner, and fall into bed , sleeping instantly! do you have any idea where this is going.. no me neither, but in the morning I asked Nina for some sewing kit so I could mend my bra so at least I didn't look too bad for the next class! I couldn't get the wire back into the bra, so Nina did it for me. Looked brilliant , until I said isn't it in the wrong side? at which point I realised I didn't have one on the other side either! Now, what I really need to know is how come I didn't notice that I was missing the other wire???? I mean how can you not know???  I went totally wireless for the entire weekend!! lol  I know I am wafty at the best of times, but I now know that I have completely lost the plot, so if you are coming to one of my workshops, you can tell me with pleasure that I am completely nuts!! So do you go wired or wireless? lol
Thank you to everyone who came to the workshops, it was a pleasure to teach you , and to Nina who was a brilliant hostess., and if you would like to meet the complete wireless body, I am doing more workshops this weekend at Sharon's Card Crafts, and I will be back in Cambridge on the 14th November for a Christmas Curio box workshop.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Christmas is coming....

I have heard on the grapevine that there are only 57 days left till Christmas! eeek.. have you made your cards, bought your presents... well if you haven't even started then you might like these... Tim Holtz's Alterations dies and embossing folders which have almost all arrived, and are now available to buy.
I haven't decided which is my favourite yet, but love the reindeer and the carved ornaments too!

I promise I will be back tomorrow with the workshop I have been promising since the beginning of the week!
Have a great evening

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

woyww...missing in action

Welcome to my What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday! I certainly have been missing in action for the past week! In fact it seems like I haven't seen this page ( you know the one where you write blog posts for a while) but I have an excuse! I have been busy working away at workshops ( more of those tomorrow) and busy doing the business of running a business! lol
I did however manage to snap a picture of my desk, which has been like this since the week before last! No artwork done, no woyww last week due to a power outage :( Has my mojo gone missing ?  No, I don't think but the time has, and certainly the tidy fairy hasn't been!! Note the gothic arch ready to do a piece with, and that was yesterday morning.. not even got inked! so sad :(

I will be back tomorrow with pictures of the workshops and of my spooky ride in a punt up the river Cam.
Hope to get round to some of your desks later :)))
Happy Woywwing!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

A blatant advertisement!

It isn't often that I use the blog to advertise, but this week, has been one of busyness (lots of orders to fill, and prepping for workshops) , and of putting new products on the website! and if truth be told, I haven't had a minute to create anything!!! what has happened to the week??? I hate this weekend as the clocks go back, (ok I get an extra hour in bed), but it will be dark at 4pm!!! yuck! Anyway back to the matter in hand.. Wendy Vecchi and Claudine Hellmuth have arrived!!

They are staying with me for the forseeable future!!! (I wish!) but you can now get their stamps at The Artistic Stamper, and we have a wonderful price on some of the spooky Halloween dies and stamps from Mr Holtz too! Imagine all three of them in the same room, what fun that would be!!
I am just off , well in an hour or so.. to Shepreth nr Cambridge to teach classes all weekend at It's Crafting Time, so must get a move on, and pack my bag.. always leaving things to the last minute!! lol
See you on Monday with lots of photos.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Stop Press! now in stock Tim's Configurations!

I have just had ( literally ) a delivery of Tim's new Configurations, and stickers and the Christmas Paper pad..and the trimmings.... all just gorgeous and all available to ship today!
Now just to open one up , and get creating!
Have a fun day!


Yesterday I woke up to complete darkness..  No lights, no heating , no hot water, no telephone and worse of all no Internet or computer for me to post my woyww !! how could this happen???? lol .. We had a blackout or power outage , as they say in the USA for over 13 hours, and boy it was weird! Not sure I would want to endure that for too long, as I remember the brown outs in the 70's!! yes I am that old... what do you mean you thought I was only 21? rofl
It did mean that all my Internet orders went unattended yesterday, and we cooked toast over the gas flame for breakfast and boiled water in a saucepan.. thank goodness we have a gas hob!
I am absolutely a 21st century girl!
I know you are immediately, but you could have crafted, and yes I did, but I worked my journal for a while in the morning, and came up with this using my new Aquamarkers that I acquired a while ago , and the lightbulb stamps, and some Maya Road chipboard.

Journals are brilliant, as they allow you to make mistakes, and write down your inner thoughts , if you want to. Mine is slow going, and I always forget to take it with me on my travels!
The electrics are back on now, and I think we were quite lucky as apparently there was gas leak near an electric box, so they switched it off so we didn't go sky high!
I am not sure if I have introduced you to the latest member of our Creative Team, but you have to go and take a look at Sioux's gorgeous ATC on the Creative Team blog. It is stunning!

On that note I am off to pack up my orders, and prepare for my workshop weekend at It's Crafting Time near Cambridge... along with teaching I am doing a spooky punt up the river too! hope to get photos and show you next week!
Have a Creative day

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Double, double toil and trouble...

I have an affinity with witches partly because I often believe I am one.... lol you can believe that or not, but also because I love the idea of being so troublesome..hehe. Halloween is not celebrated as much here as in the USA, and often the stamps and dies that appear here are not nearly so widely used as in the USA, but I am loving all of the new Sizzix Alterations ones by Tim, and I have used them to make a card over on The Creative Team blog. If you click here , you will be transported in the eye of newt, and toe of frog to see what I have done :)))

Happy Creating!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Christmas comes early!

Yesterday at Pickleberry Papercrafts, I taught a class that was just so much fun, and mess, and full of lots of goodies. In my normal fashion, I had the most inordinate time remembering names, ( and there were only 7 ladies!! doh what am I like?) I had the pleasure of meeting Doone (Donna) , Carmen ( Miranda! lol), Lizzie, Barbara, Rosemary ,Megan, and Ann. I have actually remembered your names , girls! Hurrah!

We made a curio Christmas box full of goodies I have collected for the past few months, and we played with paint, mica sprays, Terra, UTEE, Tim's Rosette die ( thank you to Wendy Vecchi for the Christmas Tree :)), mini books, stamps and of course Crackers! Where would a workshop be without crackers?  Actually the Cracker part of it was for the final little box . ( it is empty on my sample) , and  I didn't get a picture of the final pieces as we ran late , as always!

Thank you Girls for a brilliant and busy day.
I do workshops every month at Pickleberry if you would like to come along. The next one is Christmas cards with a twist! You can book it here .
I am off to have a lie down, and a lazy day!
Have a great and Creative Sunday.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Just a quickie post today as over on Gingersnap Creations , it is my time of the month again! lol I have gone all spooky and Halloweeny over there!

 I am teaching today at Pickleberry, and cannot wait to show you what I have made for today's class, but you will have to be patient and watch the blog tomorrow! I am looking forward to playing with the girls today, it should be very messy and fun!!!
Have a very Creative day!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Have you seen?

I am so bad as I certainly do not acknowledge the absolutely gorgeous work being shown on The Creative Team blog, and today is no exception. We have had the absolute pleasure of having Lynn Stevens guesting on our Creative Team blog this month. Today's piece is stunning and I urge you to go and take a better look :))

My thoughts are with Lynn who is recovering from a major operation, and now taking things easy for a while.
Hugs to you Lynn, and to anyone else is feeling poorly.
Have a Creative Day

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

woyww..I have cheated!!

Hi, This week for WOYWW, I have absolutely without any guilt feelings... CHEATED!! I know I have gone against the rules, ( aren't they made for breaking? I always was a rebel!! lol) not photographed my desk either today or yesterday , but on Saturday! I hear that deep intake of breath from you.. I have ears in the back of my head!! rofl!! Thing is I wanted to show you that even my desk while I demo gets messy and I end up using an inch of space! So without further ado... here it is cheat!

I have to say in defence that these photos do follow on from my other photos in woyww over the past 3 weeks, of shows and setting up. Am hating the pursing of my lips as I concentrate! luckily I don't have my tongue out.. rofl!
If you follow my blog you may have noticed the little Warrior Woman logo at the top. I am part of a month's long blog hop here, and you can even win blog candy from me, and if you take part win even more blog candy!! Please check out the other bloggers who have created on behalf of the Pink Ribbon Warriors!
Have a very good Woyww day, and I will be round to yours soon:))

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Warrior Women Blog Hop!

Welcome !!
We are celebrating the healing journey of our dear friend, Sherry Goodloe  who's recovering from her recent surgery, and has just learned that she won't have to endure chemo or radiation! Sherry is our official Warrior Woman Muse for this hop, and is someone we all love and admire. Of course, so many of our friends and loved ones-- if not we ourselves-- have faced breast cancer, and our art is intended to honour each and every woman who has, is, or ever will fight this battle.
I made this Warrior Woman in honour of my friends who fought the battle, and are still fighting the battle. Ironically the tissue tape that I used for the spool, happened to say "admit one". I couldn't decide whether to leave it like this or alter it to another word, but decided to leave it, just because it is so true, yet not so true....

Please join in by visiting our blogs and finding some inspiration for your own art. In many cases, there's blog candy to be had for those who leave comments! If you leave a comment on here , I will pick a winner for £15.00 worth of stamps from The Artistic Stamper range :))) . I will send it all over the world. All you have to do is leave a comment.

The Pink Ribbon Warrior Women Blog Team is:
Ellen Vargo
Hels Sheridan
Jennie:  that's me! lol
Judy Wood
 Linda Ledbetter
Nancy Crissinger
Sharon Sutton
Tracy Jacobs
And our fabulous sponsor is eclectic Paperie!
After visiting each blog on the hop, please create your own work of art in celebration of the Pink Ribbon Warriors, and upload your masterpiece at the Warrior Women Blog Hop Flickr Gallery:
You're welcome to dedicate your art to someone specific (or any number of special someone's), and please use the "Add a Description" field in the gallery to tell us about them. Please make sure that you mark the photo as public otherwise no-one will be able to see it!
Submissions will be accepted until October 30, and on October 31, our Warrior Woman muse, Sherry, will choose a winner who will receive an amazing prize package, courtesy of Daisy at Eclectic Paperie

I look forward to seeing what you create, and may the Warrior Women fight on!

Saturday, October 09, 2010

In a mist!

I have set this blog post to arrive in cyberspace while I am away at a show! Here's hoping it posts!! Lots of new goodies arrived on Thursday afternoon from Ranger  ( they will be at Happy Stampers North West Port Sunlight Show, and on the website on Sunday- I have managed to find time to upload the Perfect Pearls Mists! ), and oh boy I have had a little play with them, and I am in lurve! Gorgeous colours, fine spray, and lots and lots of mica!! I distress inked this tag in greens and reds, and then added some of Tim's new stamps in Rust Adirondack dye ink. Spray with the Perfect Pearls Mists pearl colour, and allow to dry. Then stamp again on top of the pearls. I added a little piece of the Hobgoblin tissue tape at the bottom, and a smidgen of the new Rusty Hinge Distress stickles, also now in town, and available from Sunday) I made the tag in quite a hurry, and think I used a little too much mist! Practice will make perfect! lol
Unfortunately the scan does no justice whatsoever to the tag colours, and it really has come out pinkish!! :(((

I will be playing today with everything I can lay my hands on at the show, so if you are coming do come and say hello :))
By the way I will be part of a blog hop on Tuesday as October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and in honour of blogging diva Sherry Goodloe-- and ALL our loved ones who have, are or will ever fight this battle-- I'm taking part in a Warrior Woman Blog Hop!

Mark your calendar now to join in! All the details will be revealed here next Tuesday, October 12.

Have  a creative day

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Layering it On!

Over on The Creative Team's Blog, I have done a little piece destined for the Layering it on Challenge.

If you would like to know more about how I created this piece then fly by Internet hotwire , and knock next door! We are always open!! lol
I will be  busy packing the last of the new products destined to arrive today ( fingers crossed) for Port Sunlight, and then it is off back up the motorway to The Wirral.
Hope to see you there...
Happy Creating!

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

woyww..not a mess in sight!

I almost didn't post this week,( but for some reason I was awake at 5am. I mean who gets up at 5am and types a blog post???!!)  but how could I not? It is tradition now on a Wednesday to post the mess, sorry perfection that is one's desk! My perfection, rofl is empty, de nada, just a pile of rubbish , same as last week and the week before, because if you are a regular reader of my blog , you will know I have been somewhat busy these past two weeks! So apologies, this photo is one of me setting up the stand at Artisan, and it is so neat and tidy, I am wondering if the tidy fairy had been there before me!! I have noticed the half eaten sandwich and the cup of tea.. lol and I am just wondering where are all the other boxes..??? For the eagle eyed of you, yes those are Wendy Vecchi stamps, and yes they will be online next week :))

Julia, thank you for allowing me to be self-indulgent and if you have absolutely no clue about what on earth I am waffling on about , fly through cyberspace to The Stamping Ground and join in all the nosiness!