Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Stitches round up!

Over the weekend, I went to the Birmingham Trade show Craft, Hobby and Stitch International, commonly known as Stitches. I went on Saturday with some friends to a retailer workshop hosted by Personal Impressions and taught by Mr Holtz, and Dyan Reaveley. It was so much fun, and we laughed our way through, while making 3  gorgeous canvases using lots of techniques and stamps, and the new Distress Stains, (oh be still my beating heart... the possibilities of these are just wonderful!) and Perfect Pearls, and Claudine's paints, and more... 

Sunday was trade show day, and I  bumped into lots of people I knew, walked miles, saw lots of new product, and spent an hour watching Tim Holtz demo, and chat to us. I even had a try out of the new drill punch, due in soon... easy peasy to use, and drills through Tim's metal idea-ology like butter! He has even improved the tissue tape which is now translucent , and not so yellow, and yes all of it will be like this too!! A good number of the idea-ology, (alongside Tim's stamps) is due into me at the end of this week, beginning of next :)) yea!

I also spotted one of Hel's pieces on the Craft Stamper stand!
You will also love the new products from Crafty Notions, and the moulds are just fab.. there are lots of new ones, and new stamps ( due on the website very soon).
I am off to soak my feet in a bowl of hot water, and get my aching bones into bed!
Happy Creating!

Friday, February 18, 2011

OWOH .. and the winner is..

I have to say a BIG thank you to all the gorgeous and wonderful people who commented on my One World One Heart post! What a fabulous blog hop it was this year, and a big thank you to Lisa who hosted it! I know you want to know who won, so please step up to the podium
Congratulations! I am emailing you right now...
Here is what she won,

 and I will be back next year with Lisa's new blog hop..  OUR WORLD OUR ART
check it out... :)))
Have a great creative day!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

woyww...the most expensive pens in the world!!

Welcome to another week at the messiest desk on What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday hosted by the ubiquitous Mrs Dunnit! I confess that last week I never visited one desk :(( bad I know , but I just didn't get time, and no time later either :((( but I promise to do better this week, and try to visit most of the desks.
Here is mine! Now don't faint, it is worse than last week, seems to be a dumping ground for all my junk, and oh yes the most expensive pens in the world! The 3 white pens are from the USA, and in themselves aren't expensive, but the carriage was, and I had hit the buy it now before I even did the math ( not like me at all!) .. pens $6.00, postage $31.00!!! ouch! However they arrived within 3 days, and I bet I get charged for the import duty too! ( not seen that bill yet!!)
So feast your eyes on the most expensive white pens ever!! Now to clear a  space to use them!

Have a very happy woyyw day, and pop over to Julia's for more fun!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Love out of a box!

Yesterday's workshop was a great deal of fun, and my four ladies had a ball creating their PURPLE!!!! love boxes! Unbelievably they all chose purple as a colour, while of, course I chose red! lol We sprayed and waxed and uteed to our hearts content! I have posted a few of the elements with some instructions over on The Artistic Stamper Creative Team blog with lots of pictures too!
I love that you can use the Idea-ology Configuration boxes any way you like. Here is mine, and here are the girls too! We even finished them this time!! lol If you ever get to one of my classes , you will know I cram more techniques and stuff into them than is possible in several hours!!

Thank you Girls, and thank you Kate for a great day! I am thoroughly exhausted!! lol Have a very Creative Day, and Happy Valentine's Day on Monday too!

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

woyww...a whole lotta love

I have definitely slowed down time this week, and managed to plan my week, and have arrived at Wednesday less hassled, and less hurried! alright I lied... but you believed me for a minute, didn't you?
 My desk for once has been a hive of activity as I finish off my workshop preparation for Saturday's workshop at Pickleberry Papercrafts, and you can see a sneaky peek of it too! This is a great out of the box project! lol, and there are a couple of spaces left if anyone has a day to spare and a need to make a Valentine's present.. or just a need to come and get messy and creative! Of course the primary reason for being here today and every Wednesday is to show you my desk, which still has the same bottles on it, and the same piles of stamps!! and a little space to work in.. where would I be without an inch to work in???!!!

If you need more fixes of desks like mine, hop and jump into hyperspace to our queen of desks... Mrs Dunnit!
Have a very Happy Wednesday!

Monday, February 07, 2011

it was a long and winding....

day! Finally I can feel my feet again! Stamperama has been and gone, and we had a lovely day and met lots of stampers, and demoed, and as usual I gave away almost all of my samples. I had great fun using the new Crafty Notions Gilding flakes, and their new moulds, and UTEE! This mould of the face will be in stock very soon, as we sold out at the show!

 Sarah Lawrence even popped by and spent a little while demoing :)) Thank you Sarah!
Hels did a fabulous job demoing wax, so the stand was very hot with meltpots galore!
The camera didn't quite play ball with the photos Mal took, (Hels will be very pleased!!!lol)  but I did manage a panoramic view of the stand before we opened!

I am off to soak my feet ....
have a creative evening!

Saturday, February 05, 2011


He he, little does she know I have finally managed to get on here!!!!
After a day of high winds and setting up the stand for Stamperama,! while she who must be obeyed (yes Jen, Right away Jen!,that looks good there!) is fast asleep I thought I would try this blogging thing!!!!.
So here I am, just to say come along Sunday and say Hi to Jen, Hels and Me, We have some new stamps l, and all the usual goodies and yes,I will make sure she is wide awake by then !!
And last but not least a piece of art which I found lying around on "THE" Desk lol

The Hijacker

Doing a wheelie!

It is ages since I got on a bike, but I love driving, and especially a brand new truck! which is what I am driving tomorrow to Stamperama to spend the day in the rain and wind unloading a truck, and setting up our shop in Stevenage! I have a few new stamps to be released there, and one of them is a steampunk wheel... ( couldn't you guess from the title? lol) , I have shown it in full on The Creative Team blog, but here is a little sneaky peek... pop over to the other side to see it all

If you are coming to Stamperama, do say hi... I love meeting fellow bloggers
Have a very Creative day

Friday, February 04, 2011

Slowing down time....

Does time run away with you? Do you ever stop to think what if I could slow down time? Now you can with my slow and fast timer!!! lol Actually this new stamp from The Artistic Stamper has that ability to stop time dead in its tracks! If only! but I loved this image , I just had to make it into a stamp, and with the help of the packing pixie this ATC is a joint effort! I love it! Help is always useful, especially if they pick the pieces, and all I have to do is put it together!
So here is an ATC using a new stamp (available at Stamperama on Sunday) and on the website on Monday! There are a couple more to show you, and I will do my best over the next few days to show you them all :))
I used lots of Tim's idea-ology, the chicken wire background stamp, distress inks, and a manila ATC from Ranger.. no more cutting out !!

Have a very Creative Friday!

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Woyww...in a flash!

Wednesday's seem to come round so quick these days.. breathe quickly and it arrives! Has my desk changed in the last week? not a lot! I have made my piece for One World One Heart, ( see here), begun packing up for Stamperama in Stevenage at the weekend, moulded lots of stamps, priced all the goodies, and been and seen my mum! A fun filled packed week! .. well almost!
Here is a pic of my very unloved desk :(, and one of the pile of mess next to it!  I think that I should find time to tidy up, and find my mojo and get some ART done! Oh well perhaps next week...lol sorry the pics are not so good, is late and dark!!

Have a very Happy Wednesday, and pop over to Julia's ( she of the tidy desk syndrome! ) to see what happens on a Wednesday!