Saturday, July 23, 2011

Listening to my heart...

For those of you who read my blog , you must have wondered why I have been quiet and not really blogging in the last month or so. Truth time... I am uninspired , and listless, and struggling to even create a small ATC! Why? I don't know. Is it because I have been in this business so long, is it time to move direction, change jobs, travel (ooh that would be nice!) or is it because I am bored? I am surrounded by so much "stuff", stamps, things to alter, inks and paints galore. You would think they would help . Nope! What has happened to my creativity? I guess all of us get time out, have holidays, deal with family, work, businesses, and more. This year has been hard for me, my Mum who had a major operation in December is on the mend, my children are safe, but my creativity has stopped..gone with the wind! I start something, and I cannot finish it, or I redo it, tear it up, bin it! How do I restart it?  Yesterday I got the full set of new stamps from Dina Wakley from Pickleberry Papercrafts, and they are gorgeous, and I looked at them, and thought come on Dina, restart my mojo, my artyness, and so this morning I stamped and I added a little white pen to an alcohol inked tag I already had floating around my desk... not perfect, but a start!

Strangely enough, just writing about how I feel has helped, time to get out my journal, and write complete and utter rubbish that no-one else can see!!! lol
So tell me am I alone? How long does the wilderness last? I am not talking about designing stamps or such like, but the actual motivation to put ink to paper, and create something that you like or love. I actually booked myself into a workshop today with Jane Dean at Pickleberry called "all sewn up" in the hope that as someone else has done all the work, I can sit back and enjoy being taught... lol
I have rambled enough, and if I get to finish the project today, I may be back tomorrow with pictures... see my motivation has perked up just talking to you!
Have a much more creative day than me....

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

hOt, HOT, HoT

It seems an age since I created something, and I just seem to run out of time everyday! But I got a little bit of time this weekend, and have joined in this month's challenge over on the Creative Team blog which is using hot summery colours, and I thought while it is raining outside, why not make something that reminds me of summer..using hot colours, and a little bit of stamping.
To check out what I have done pop over to see it here... love to hear what you think too :))
by the way this is a little taster of some of the new stamps that will be released very shortly from The Artistic Stamper... love keeping you in suspense :))
Have a great day!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Blog candy Winner!

I have to say I almost forgot to draw this winner, as I am busy designing new stamps, and a new product too!  Watch this space next week for sneak peeks, and more candy! lol Have you seen all the new Tim Holtz goodies, and all the Ranger goodness...white alcohol ink, black and Kraft tags, white distress stain, and ALL the colours in distress stains! Be still my beating heart!! lolThey wil be on order for you to buy soon on the website!

Back to the matter in hand, and a BIG drum roll please for the winner of these goodies!

Congratulations, and please email me your snail mail address, so I can send you the candy!

Back now to my computer and the new stamps....
Have a very Creative day!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Welcome back to myself to What's on your workdesk! I admit I have been awol, and not due to much else, other than a lack of that get up and go! Having been away for a few days at Glastonbury music festival, I relaxed so much, that the mojo went away by himself, for another holiday! I even made a little ATC to try and help it last week with a giveaway (ends tomorrow) .
So I packed up my desk, headed up the road to Pickleberry, and landed my desk next to a few girls who craft a lot better than me, in the vain hope I might get a bit of their mojos!

I did take a brand new journal with me, some paint, and a few of my expensive white pens, and a few bottles ( cannot live without my bottles!!!!rofl) Page 1 done, simple and very red! Does that signal danger or anger?? lol

I am hoping to get round some of the woywwers this week, if blogger lets me comment :(
Have a very creative day!

Thursday, July 07, 2011

I have been awol!

I am really not sure where I have been the past week or so....think I am still in holiday mood ( although I have been working!) , but I cannot get back to blogging, or making ART, so I thought what better time than this to give away some blog candy!! I know you like blog candy!
So here it is an ATC made by me, using alcohol inks, the new luscious Archival inks, and the Alterations Mini Butterflies Sets, and The Artistic Stamper stamps!
What am I giving away? well you can get all of it, the ATC, the die set, a set of stamps, and one of the new Archival inks!

All you have to do is add a comment to this post, and for an extra entry add the giveaway to your blog ( if you have one!)
I shall draw the winner this time next week :))
In the meantime, if you fancy free postage we have it until Sunday on the website!
Have a much more creative day than me!

Saturday, July 02, 2011

I'm back!

I have been, I have gone, and I conquered! ok, I got a little muddy, a little wet, a little sunburned, heard an amazing amount of music, and had a thoroughly wonderful time at Glastonbury music festival! :)))) I truly haven't lost my mojo, but I think he took a little longer holiday than me, and seems to be languishing on his own out in the wilderness, having a pina colada or two!
But I did manage a couple of tags for you that are two of the techniques we will be doing next Saturday at Pickleberry Papercrafts , if you fancy a few happy hours, learning how to use all ( I do mean all! ) of Ranger's Adirondack range. This includes Alcohol inks, pigments inks, dye inks, color wash and dabbers! A thoroughly technique based full workshop.
To book contact Kate at Pickleberry or book online!
I had the wonderful pleasure of a surprise visit from my daughter today, so am off to spend some time with her!
Have a creative weekend