Saturday, April 30, 2011

Up my Street!

Wasn't the Royal Wedding glorious?, and even though I couldn't be there in invitation got lost in the post! lol, I watched it all on tv, and then we had a Street Party in our road! The road was supposed to be free of cars ( and was only 1 of 2 roads in our town with permission to close!), but you know people read signs, then lock up their cars and wander off, never to be seen again, so we had one stationary parked car , which kind of made it a bit sad, but it was fun nevertheless,with lots of bunting, and flag waving, and a lot of Pimms and cupcakes were drunk and eaten!!

We celebrated here at The Artistic Stamper with a whopping 20% off your shopping, and I have extended this offer to tomorrow at 8am for those of you who are not subscribers to our newsletter. If you would like to take advantage of it, then just add the words royalwedding to the discount code box.
Have a Creative Saturday

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

WOYWW...a flash in the pan!

It has been a very long, lovely, week this week as we have had a four day holiday with Easter, and suddenly what happened, Wednesday has appeared again, and it is time to show you my desk again! Now don't gasp, or swear, but I tidied! gone are the bottles, gone is the push it back, pile it high , heap of crafty stuff!  I was very chuffed with my meant I could prep some workshops, make some Art, play with new goodies....
I mean look at all this tidiness...
then look sideways, and ..well...this is what happens when you tidy up, and go to look for something... oh the power of photo cropping! ROFL!

So one half is tidy, and the other still needs tidying.. that's next week's job! Still I should be grateful, I have a clear space to create in, and tidying up is good for the soul!!
Now if you have just landed on my blog from outer Mongolia, and haven't a clue what on earth I am on about, then leap into hyperspace to the Queen of desks, and have a wander around a couple of hundred other desks, that are much neater than mine!
Happy What's on Your Workdesk!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Over on Simon Says Stamp and Show, the theme this week  is buttons! I have hundreds of buttons, and often use them in workshops, or just to decorate, and when I grabbed this little configurations insert box, I thought I would add a piece of the new Crowded Attic paper, and Tims new Haberdashery stamps, and make a little dressmaking configuration! So, empty the button box, looking for the tiniest buttons.. could I find any.. no, not one...:((( why is it when we NEED something we haven't got it , and on a Bank Holiday Monday when the shops are shut ( or supposed to So no teeny tiny buttons, so I just added other buttons! How many of the word button can you get in  one paragraph? lol
Here is my entry to the Simon Says Stamp and Show challenge including some buttons!

It is a back to work day today, sadly, I could quite get used to this holiday lark, but there is another long weekend on Friday, so am happy to wait till then!
Have a very Creative Day!

Monday, April 25, 2011

1234...time to myself....

One thing I love about the long bank holiday weekends, is that I am not technically working, that I can please myself, that the sun shines, and that I can fiddle with *stuff*. This weekend has gone by in a flash, and I have fiddled on my desk, tidied up my shed, and spent some time relaxing....haha.. me relax?... that's falling asleep on the sofa!
This little piece is one the smallest of the mini canvases, and I have distress stained it, stamped on tissue paper, added watch pieces, and the numbers are a find from eBay that are slot together numbers for prices ( remember them?) that I cut the backs off with Tim's magic scissors, and the whole lot is multi mediumed together.. oh what did we do before it?!!!

I have another day sorting out the stuff found in the shed for eBay.. lots of goodies.. ( may be in 2/3/4 lots me for details) and trying to tidy up the bottle filled desk before cracking open the Pimms! First BBQ of the year later!! lol please don't rain!
Hope you having a Creative day..

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Wind beneath my wings

The sun is shining, , and it is a long weekend, and I am supposed to be tidying my shed...but I got waylaid by this piece calling out to me to be made, and it fitted perfectly with Hels's Sunday Stamper challenge which is to include wings!
I took one of the Idea-ology Fractured dolls, and wondered if I could drill a hole in the top of it..oh yes, but be careful, as they are resin, and you should wear a mask to do it! Add a bag full of blue alcohol ink, shake it in it, and dry. I stamped on some white tissue paper one of the Calligraphy mats and glued it onto the doll. My magically wonderful hot glue gun, was perfect for attaching the Ideaology wings, and my Angel of the North was finished.. perfect for a necklace or a keyring or just a charm!

Thank you Hels for the challenge...
Have a very Happy Easter day!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

April Showers!

not one in sight, at least here in the south east of England, it is just hot, hot sun pouring in through my window, and in my garden! Wonderful for the soul, but not for spring cleaning..( which I had planned to do!) way too warm! However over on The Artistic Stamper Creative Team, I have made a little tag for the Layers challenge, a perfect opportunity for me to join in, and if you have time over the holidays, why not join in too?

Pop over the team blog for more information...
Have a creative Day

Friday, April 22, 2011

Announcing the winner!

Thank you to everyone who joined in the blog candy, and using the ever faithful Mr, the winner of the backgrounds, and distress stains is.... drum roll please.... is...
Congratulations Pam, and please email me , so I can send you your goodies :))
Have a very Creative long weekend!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011 bottle bank!

Today is Wednesday and a significant day in the world of bloggers! It's time to see your desk!!! I took my picture yesterday and just clicked away with the camera, and then realised my desk looks like a bottle bank!! Time to clear up! spring clean time.. bank those half empty bottles... in fact I will publicly admit, it is a MESS! so this is the last time you will see this particular mess.. now close your eyes, and then open them.. sorry did I say I would clean it up?.. that's for next week! lol

If you have absolutely no idea why you are seeing a picture of my desk, then bottle it over to Julia, Queen of all desks, and join in the fun!
Don't forget I have candy on offer till tomorrow...
Happy Woywwing!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Waxing on.. waxing off..

Yesterday I took a workshop at Pickleberry Papercrafts using wax and The Meltpot, which if course is always the star of the show! What would I do without it? lol Thank you to everyone who came, it was a fun filled, chocolate and chat filled day, which produced some absolutely gorgeous artwork! We made a flip book, or in some cases a wall hanging.  I love working with wax, it is forgiving, and for altered art, just perfect!
Here are a few pictures from the day, and a few pictures of my piece too!

Don't forget I still have candy on offer, if you fancy a little flutter....
I am off to get hot and sweaty watching the London marathon (on tv of course!)
Have a Creative day!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Do you Wax??!

Of course you do! Even I do, who wouldn't? lol Of course I am talking about waxing.. you know the type in a pot or in my case a meltpot! Later today I am taking a class at Pickleberry Papercrafts which involves wax.. lots of it, and I had the greatest fun making this ring book for it. I thought I would show you a sneak peek of it...

Have a Creative day!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Little things in life!

I thought I would show you a couple of the pieces I made at Ally Pally over the weekend. Often when I am demoing , I make quick and easy pieces, and I do give a lot away, but I did keep these two pieces!! Simple and so so easy to make.. I used 2 different size mini canvases, and coloured them with Distress Stains. Love these, so easy and quick to use, and you can enhance them with other Stain colours, which incidentally do colour over and not muddy!, or you can use your normal distress inks to fill in patches or highlight.  I poured UTEE over the inked canvas and immediately stamps into it. Love it when it drips down the sides! Then I added Perfect Pearls, and a mould from Crafty Notions which I also coloured with Perfect Pearls . The Elegant woman has the minutest piece of Gold leaf in her hair ( a happy Accident!)

I do hope you like, and I am off now for a fun filled day of catching up from my day out yesterday!!
Have a Creative Day

Wednesday, April 13, 2011 another world!

it's Wednesday again, and time for another episode of what's on your Workdesk, hosted by the delectable Mrs Dunnit over at The Stamping Ground. Now this week, not much has been happening in this world of mine.. err what a lie! We have been at Ally Pally, moulded hundreds of stamps, packed and unpacked a truck more than once!, set up a shop, taken it down, and not quite stock checked yet! Brain overload, methinks! My normal desk ( is it normal????) is full of bits and pieces getting ready for my waxy workshop this weekend, so seriously not showable, so here are some of my workdesk ( a little bit of poetic licence here :)) at Ally Pally!

Note that I slipped in a small picture of Hels wearing her hat... she has allowed me to show you this.. I feel very honoured :)) Actually it is a very nice picture of her and her altered hat! oh, and the awful picture of me that Mal took sort of fell onto the blog
I hope that I will get some time to pop over to your blogs, but am off out to my baby sister's 50th birthday party today!! I cannot believe she  has hit the 50 mark, and no I am not telling you my age, as i am her big sister! Happy Birthday Ruthie! love ya!!
If you think I am mad, then pop over to Julia's for the biggest desk blog hop in the world!
P.S. I have mega blog candy in the post below if you fancy a chance to win it!
Happy Woywwing!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Over 700 followers!.. and the winners.....

Firstly, a big thank you to all my blog followers, and everyone who left comments on the past few blog posts , it has been great to know you like the new stamps, and of course who doesn't like a bit of candy?! I know that commenting on blogs takes time, especially when Blogger decides it doesn't like you and won't let you comment!! grrr, so I am always appreciative of any that are left.. at least I know that at least one person reads the inane waffle that I write!
So here are the winners of the blog candy for last week....for this stamp a new Mabel Lucie Attwell
and for this stamp round the world!

and wait there are more...
for the ballet dancers full set

and finally for the nature set

Congratulations to everyone, please email me your snail mail addresses, so I can get your candy off to you :)) and thank you so much for joining in...
Now I sort of mentioned more candy.. didn't I?  well to celebrate my over 700 followers... here is some more candy... a set of the 3 new backgrounds from The Artistic Stamper!

I shall even pop into the package this little piece I made over the weekend!

oh, and to make it even better, I shall add 3 random colours of the new Distress Stains!!
All you have to do is comment, become a follower , if you aren't already ( go on make me 750 followers!! lol more followers.. more candy added!! and add it to your sidebar on your blog if you wish.. I shall pick the winner next week!
Have very Creative Day!

Monday, April 11, 2011

new, new, new!

May I present to you The Artistic Stamper new range of stamps for April! Lots of new Mabel Lucie Attwell, new steampunk, new backgrounds, and  new style of stamp from Sioux Jenneys, one of our illustrious Creative Team. Sioux asked me if I would like her designs, and we of course said yes, and now they are available for you to buy! Gorgeous ballet dancers and more... Thank you to Hels for demoing this weekend at Ally Pally , and for her stamp suggestions too...check out the hot air balloon! and a big thank you to one of my blog readers who noticed a spelling mistake ( note toi self, must learn to read!) in one of my new plates which I have now rectified, and this will be available early next week..
Here is a little piece of artwork I did over the weekend, using Crafty Notions new moulds, our new wings in utee, and a Calligraphy mat stamped into utee.

I am so tired that it feels like I am writing and typing a load of gibberish (go on admit it is a load of gibberish!) so I am off to finish my day's work, and then crash out on the sofa! I will be back tomorrow  to announce the winners of the blog candies!