Friday, May 15, 2009

Alcohol Ink Bracelet

I suddenly realised yesterday that I hadn't published for a week! I am getting lax, but this week seems to have disappeared into oblivion, and it is the weekend again! Over at Rangerinklink ( a yahoo group) , there is a monthly challenge using the new Alcohol inks, my all time favourite. So sitting here typing with very pink fingers, I will show you what I made. I created a metal bracelet using copper metal, a Ten Seconds Studio mould ( no 13) , an old bangle (forgot to photograph it!), and three gorgeous new colours: Raspberry( think this is my all time favourite), Mountain Rose, and Pink Sherbet.

Firstly I cut a strip of copper to fit the bracelet all the way round. Then I worked it onto the mould , and moved the copper up as the mould wasn't long enough, so I had a strip that I had worked and cajoled over the mould. Does that make sense? You can run the solid moulds through a cuttlebug or big shot, but this mould is hollow, so that wasn't possible this time. I completely forgot to take photographs through the whole process, I was so engrossed in making it!
I then put a filler in the back to stop it collapsing, and when it was dry, I stuck it to a bigger copper strip. I then used one of the wheels in set A to finish the edges. Finally I bent it round the bangle, and stuck it in place with double sided tape.I moulded the metal over the edges of the bangle, and quite liked the look it gave me of the crumpled effect. If you haven't gathered a lot of my work is done in situ, and often although I will plan something, it will never quite look how I planned it. Finally the fun and messy part was adding the inks ( without blender ) onto the felt , and colouring the metal on the bracelet. I even coloured the inside using the felt , no handle, as the bangle was turquoise and plastic, and wow, the alcohol inks looked great over it! I have to say, consequently my fingers are now bright raspberry pink!
The last part, which I had planned, was to sand over the high points to reveal the copper. I am not sure the photos do it justice, ( the light this morning is very poor), but it was a fun project to do, and lovely and messy too! The wooden hand that I photographed the bangle on was a great find this week in one of the many charity shops in my town! If you haven't got any of the new alcohol inks, then they are a MUST, and are all available in stock in the shop. The pens are due in this week too!


Angie said...

Absolutely Beautiful,

mrsspook said...

Jennie the bangle looks fab and I love the new colours...isn't it fun get messy too lol
June x

Calv said...

Love the bracelet Jennie, i love what alcohol inks can do. I like the way you've revealed the copper underneath, an easy way of doing something that would take ages if you tried to recreate the effect on top of the pink.

I did chuckle at the "pink fingers"....thats why i buy industrial sized boxes of latex gloves, to stop me having inked hands all week!

Thats my excuse anyway! :)

June said...

Stunning work Jennie
Love what you do and its always so different
Hugs June xx

Sarah Anderson said...

Raspberry's one of my new favourite colours too!!
Love the bangle, I'm still on the hunt for a roll of sellotape narrow enough to make a bangle with LOL :)

Pattie said...

Beautiful work !! just brilliant x

lottie said...

This looks very exciting - and so much fun.

You can wear this with great pride.e

laury55 said...

your bracelet is really beautiful and the colors of the new alcohol inks are really perfect with the copper, thanks for sharing this technique

Anonymous said...

Simply fabulous Jennie, and love those colours. Looks like I'll be shopping again soon! x

Joanie Hoffman said...

Hi Jennie,
wow and wow again.
I received the blog candy and what a great bunch of stuff.
Thank you so much!
Happy days,

Hazel said...

This is fantastic - I love alcohol inks and this is beautiful what you've done with them x