Saturday, May 16, 2009

Another video

This time, just a quick insight into Port Sunlight and one of my workshops. I really didn't get a lot of time to film last weekend, so it it just a few clips of the show, and the workshop!
I am only just discovering editing and adding music, so be patient with me please! lol
Hope you like, and I will be doing another how to video very soon.


Sarah Anderson said...

Great idea for a video :) And a posh one now, music 'n everything :)

lottie said...

Looks like it everyone had a lot of fun and hope it was a great success for you.

It must be tremendously hard work moving and setting up all that 'stock' etc.

Looks lovely and worth all the effort

Carol Ann said...

Fantastico word I learned tonight ...would love to be in on one of your classes .. not sure about the music but the video gave a great insight into what you look to achieve in your classes x

Jennie said...

Lottie, it is a nightmare moving a whole shop to a show! By the time you have loaded it inot the van, unloaded it, hung it,doen the show, loaded it back again, then unloaded it, I am usually exhausted!! lol But it is always worth it as I love to meet everyone who buys all the stamps etc!

Caroline said...

Hi Jennie
Love your videos!
And its nice to see the workshop I missed!
I've used some of your new alcohol inks on vellum...I'll photo and post later.