Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Birthday Treat

for you! Today is my birthday, and I am not going to reveal my age, just let's say I have had several significant birthdays, and this is not one of them! However, as it is my birthday, I am giving away blog candy to the person who gives me the best comment on how I should spend my day!  Suffice it to say I am actually working today, but being taken out for lunch by my DH. Then back to work :(
So to win this
leave a comment. I will pick the winner tomorrow evening, which gives you loads of time to think of an answer, and tell your friends too!
Happy Birthday to everyone else I know who has a Birthday today. We are the best!!!


Crafting Queen said...

A very Happy Birthday to you!!
You should spend this day crafting (if you could:-)) but maybe, just think about all the things in your life you are thankful for and it will make you day very special.
What every you do have a wonderful day.

shaz earl said...

Happy Birthday Jennie
you should spend this special day snuggled up on the sofa as its so cold outside, with a scrummy box of chocolates and a nice glass of wine, being attended to your every desire by the hunk of your choice. xx

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jennie.

You will of course be waking up in a luxury hotel - the curtains being opened by your personal maid.

The sun streams through the window reveal a warm and sunny day - with lots of surprises.

The first is a champagne breakfast served by the butler - with a red rose in a little vase - and a loving note from your husband (we won't reveal the contents of that though).

After a wonderful breakfast, you have a 'date' with the beauty therapists - a day of pampering and relaxation - as as your lovely new photo shows - a great change of style.

You get a phone call from your husband to be ready to 'go out' dressed to the 'nines' at 6pm when he will meet you in the hotel lobby. So you have plenty of time to choose a new outfit from the hotel's mall of designer shops.

You sweep down the stairs - getting lots of admiring looks - to be greeted by your husband, who leads you to a stretch limo. You are then whisked to the theatre to see the show you have always wanted to see, but never got around to doing so.

Afterwards - a romantic meal for two of - by candlelight - finished by a tour in the stretched limo before returning happy and tired to your hotel suite.

Before you know it you hear a bell ringing - it's your alarm going off.

It's all been a wonderful dream - but it's still your birthday - so today you meet up for and have a lovely lunch with your husband. Cards and presents and phone calls from loved ones - family and friends - who are there to make your day special.

I guess the dream is just for romantic novels - but it is nice to dream isn't it.

Have a wonderful day.

(And like you my birthday is a winter one - but it's nice to dream of a warm one isn't it)

Hazel said...

Happy Birthday, Jennie. What a pity you're working. Otherwise, I think ideally you should be curled up with some choccies, a laptop to treat yourself to some online retail therapy and then some crafting - and either a meal out or one brought in to you with all the trimmings, including some vino. Enjoy your day!

Cazzy said...

Happy Birthday today Jennie.

I think you should spend your birthday doing something that makes you very happy.

First open all your wonderful hand made cards and your presents.

Then being treated to a meal out, or even a special meal in cooked by your family who have secretly arranged for you to have the afternoon off to go out with them and do what you like best, shopping, walking, swimming - playing games?.

You could then relax and play with your presents as they clear up and wash up, and clean the house.

Maybe then you could be whisked out to a show followed by dancing for which you could dress up and wear your new jewellery that you got for your birthday.

Finally a lovely bubble bath with candles and music (and a glass of wine if you like or hot chocolate if you prefer) before bed.

Hels Sheridan said...

Happy Birthday Jennie, I think that you should spend your birthday with your fingers crossed that your numbers come out on the lottery tonight, then all those dreams that peeps have written will come true!!!! Either that or you could spend you birthday eating cake LOL and drinking a rather nice glass of wine or two!! Whatever you do chose to do, I hope you have the best day hun xxx

Net said...

Well if yours is anything like mine it'll involve a log fire, chocolate, a bottle of champagne and Colin Firth! What you do with them is up to you Jennie!

Anonymous said...

Your birthday treat should definitely involve some of your favourite alcohol inks Jennie. Do you know anyone with a bald head - AIs are good on shiney surfaces! And maybe some champers in a glass decorated with AIs as you're creating your artwork. Sorry, think I've been listening to too much Pink Floyd! However you spent your day, hope it was fab! xx

Joy said...

Happy bithfay Jennie I think you should definitely put your feet up and relax after work and arrange to have a lovely relaxing aromatherapy massage - cant be beaten in my books xx

Annie said...

Just popped on to say Happy Birthday - have a lovely day whatever you get chance to do.

Ann xxx

Shazza said...

Happy Birthday Jennie
I think you should spend your day doing all the things everyone had mentioned and then this evening, sit on the sofa with a glass of your fave tipple and let your OH peel grapes and feed them to you

Bee said...

Happy Birthday Jennie - you should be spending your special day surrounded by your friends and family, and celebrating your day together.

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday to yooooooou
Happy Birthday to youuuuuuu
Happy Birthday deeeeeeear Jennnnnnie
Happy Birthday to yoooooooouuuu

Sorry I did n't realise earlier hun ... Hope you had a good day XXXXX

crafty creations said...

Hi Jennie However you decide to spend your birthday I hope you have a wonderful one with your friends and family, loads of cards and prezzies to open and maybe a tipple or six.

Linda . J said...

Happy Birthday Jennie hope you have a great day and I think you should do some of your superb crafting then curl up with a glass of bubbly and some chocs with your dear hubby.
Linda (Pinklilac)

Flippinpest said...

I would personally have a 'pyjama'day. Stay nice and warm and snug in your house.Eat any New Year left overs (choccies are best) and towards mid afternoon, have a long luxorious bath, wine at hand. Get yourself dressed and then be swept off your feet by DH,O/H or if neither of these, Johnny Depp hehehe...the rest of the evening is in your hands!

carine said...

happy birtday to to spend your day..hhmm ..why don't you take a walk, thinking how lucky you are to have a home,a job, and everyting else,there are so many people that don't have this and they don't have presents and burtday whishes, i think about this every day, we live in a world of luxery and still there are so many people that are hommeless, i know if i would have the chance to win a lotery i would help a lot of them

Ifat Art said...

Awww... Jennie!
I can't believe I missed your birthday...

I just came by to wish you a very happy birthday!


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday to you!!! First thing you should do is enjoy a long breakfast without any hassle. Afterwords, maybe some creative work - couple cards, tags, and browsing through the internet to find another craft tool, stamp, or whatever you need in your art world to celebrate your birthday with:))). Than going to spa to enjoy an afternoon of pampering your self with massage and than back home enjoying the evening with your husband by fire with some snacks watching some great movie. How about that???:))) Enjoy your Birthday by whatever you decide to do:))) Greeting from Lucia