Friday, January 23, 2009

In The Blue

In case you wondered, the title is not how I feel, but is actually the name of this little ATC

Blue is been one of my favourite colours, and I always have a blue ink pad of some description on my desk. I inked the chintz background in True Blue Archival, and then inked the Gibson Girl in Cobalt Archival, and with the true blue pad, inked the paper she is on too! The Prima Flowers are turquoise and blue, and I inked them as well! Blue distress stickles glued the little gems on too!

Just a reminder that Objet D'art has a new Production tomorrow, so get out your mojo's to take part :). If you can guess what the object is before tomorrow, I will give Blog Candy to the person or persons who guess correct. I will give you the answer after 7pm tomorrow.

Happy Thinking!


Calv said...

Love the ATC Jennie, i never used to like blues, but since using them in crafts, i'm really getting to like them.

I love any blooms with writing on them, i've made quite a few of my own using your calligraphic stamp mats in the oast.

As for guessing what the challenge item is the week......i am going to go with or a small child! Can't fail to win with that answer! :)

Jane [Alba-Jane ] said...

Jennie love your ATC ,you should join in on CBC swap ,think that one is appropriate for this months swap -women

lottie said...

Lovely - but can't begin to guess what the Objet D'art challenge would be.

But I bet it has Blue in it.

lottie said...

I forgot to add - 'metal' might be somewhere in the theme - as it seems to be all rave lately

Jennie said...

Calv, send over your dog and children, and I can alter them for you, LOL!, and Lottie, no it is not metal.

Ellen said...

lovely colours they are my favourite too anything blueish/green and I'm sold

the item tomorrow mmmm I've been thinking if I had to set a challenge it would be to decorate a bottle

Pinklilac said...

Hi Jennie Just love this atc and the colours are great. The challenge item I'm gonna go with ummm plant pot. Can you alter a plant pot. I have never altered anything before but looking at your blog I might have a go.
Hugs Linda

Helena said...

Wow, love this atc!!!!

Alter something but it has to have the colour blue???


Viv's Visuals said...

Lovely ATC blue too!

MamaCass07 said...

Wow, what a beautiful, simple, not simple ATC! Beutifully done!