Thursday, January 15, 2009


This week, the 1911 census was put online, and almost immediately the OH was there looking up his relatives! I also went on and found some of mine. It is amazing to see what your great grandfather or great grandmother's handwriting was like. Mine have family resemblances, or at least that is what I thought! I am sure my mother will disagree!!LOL.
It set me thinking about family, and how I could incorporate a picture I have of my great grandparents into a piece. This week I also got some Ten Seconds studio metal to play with ( coming soon in the shop), and some of Claudine Hellmuth's sticky back canvas( also coming to the shop in the future!).
Somewhere long ago I made stamps of a photo of my great grandparents, so I thought let's make a small piece that incorporates all the above elements. However nothing I make ever goes to plan. I wanted to alter a frame and printed out the photo on to the sticky back canvas. Then I covered the frame in appletini Ten Seconds studio metal, and put mini Grungeboard elements underneath, and shaped the pieces. I also wanted to add the word family, but couldn't find the right size stamps or stickers or even grungeboard, so have left the frame plain.... definitely needs more work on it!
Then I thought I will print out the canvas with a bigger picture, and fray the edges, and distress ink the picture! Err mmmm too much red ink, and a big splodge on Great Grandpa's face! I was very pleased with the grungeboard letters which I glued on backwards to the metal, and using tools I have from my jewellery days shaped it. I left the letters behind the metal. I then added a Tim Holtz idea-ology Hitch fastener, and pin and muse token. However the tin opens the wrong way!
There are just days when things go wrong and nothing looks right!.......I have entered it into Hel's Sunday Stamper Challenge, as it is green and a tin! 


Kath said...

Well , I have to say it doesn't look like a mistake to me.Splendid,Jennie.


Pinklilac said...

Hi Jennie I think it looks great.

lottie said...

I make lots of mistakes - but none are as brilliant as yours. I love them.

Hazel said...

There's no such thing as a mistake with such lovely crafting x

Ellen said...

I'm glad to know other people have " mistake" pieces as well. what a super photo of the great grandparents.Surely the tin opening the wrong way adds to the exclusivenes, it's lovely

Shazza said...

looks great to me Jennie

Max said...

I find it very refreshing that you admit to things not going to plan ... it makes you real.


Hels said...

gorgeous, love it....thanks for joining in hun xx :O)) (like you had any choice!!!! LOL)