Monday, February 01, 2010

New Stamps, sneak peek winners and Gingersnaps!

I have been trying all day to write this, and have been waylaid by emails that have built up during my trip, updating the website and the general malarkey of running a company! But finally I have made it, and so happy to release these stamps, which tie in perfectly with the Gingersnaps Blog Challenges this month which we are sponsoring! Romantic hearts for Valentines Day, Gorgeous 20's women in hats, and my favourite stamp the sequin waste!
You can find them on the website here, and I am wishing that I had had time to make a little piece for you to look at, but that is for tomorrow, so here is a couple of the stamps including the sequin waste.

Oh did I forget??  you are only really wanting to know the winners.. well for the 1st sneak peek, step up to the podium

       LYNN WILD

 you are my next winner, and finally last but not least

the final stamp is all yours!
Please email me your snail mail addresses so I can send you your stamps, and even better you can pick which one you would like:) Just let me know in your email.
Please do check out Gingersnaps blog, it is full of brilliant articles and challenges, and oh such lovely artwork!
Off now to warm up my tootsies in front of a fire, keep warm


whyducks said...

Well done to the winners, but amazed the second one wasn't an Octopus tentacle!!!!!!!!!! More Jennie PLEASE, sneaky peaks are fun, x

Sarah Anderson said...

But wouldn't the second one make great texture for an octopus tentacle LOL!! Congrats winners

CraftyTart said...

What a great theme for a lovey dovey Valentine Card........ I can't wait to hold you in my Arms - all 8 of them!!! LOL! Heaps of Congratulations to the winners - love the sneaky peaks!xx

Lottie said...

Well done everyone. I have enjoyed blog hopping the CHA posts on so many blogs -and you got a mention several times!

Sounds like everyone had such fun

Gerrie Johnnic said...

Congrats to the winners! The new stamps are sweet...esp those ladies!

Anita said...

Congrats to the winners. The new stamps are awesome.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thank you Jenni, what a lovely surprise! I have emailed you and am so excited!

Lynn Wild

June said...

Congrats to all winners and will check out gingersnaps
thanks Jennie
hugs June xxx

Debbie S said...

Wow. This is my first blog candy. Thank you! I started my blog a bit slowly back in October but I think I'm getting hooked. The next exciting insalment would be to get some followers!

Thanks again. Very excited :)