Thursday, September 08, 2011


It isn't often I say hello. Do we say it on blogs or just launch into the tirade of this is what I made, have done etc etc? This week as always seems to fly by, and apart from the fact that I am seeing this through one eye ( conjunctivitis has reared its ugly head! grrr) , I wanted to share with you my little red tag with a gorgeous one off butterfly that I made during a UTEE class! It is a one off , as you pour your colours of UTEE in a circular motion onto the non stick mat and place a cookie cutter into the UTEE. Wait till it cools,and lift it off. To make sure the cookie cutter lifts off, don't forget to add a little smear of embossing ink inside the cutter!
I added one of our new background stamps lightly to the tag over my favourite new product Distress Stains!

Now if you are a regular reader, you may have spotted that it is my blogaversary very soon....should I celebrate it...I mean I have waffled for almost 4 years about this and that with the odd piece of art thrown in! Should I??? Of course, what would be a Jennie blog without some sort of giveaway??!! Watch this space!
Have a very creative day.. I am off to lie in a darkened room with a chamomile teabag on my eye! ( doctors orders! LOL)


Minxy said...

Sorry your poorly sweetie, wishing you better very soon, Love the butterfly, I feel a melt pot day coming up very soon!

Annie said...

Hello. :-)
Hope you're feeling much better very soon. Your butterflies are stunning.
A x

Sheilagh said...

Maybe a day resting will be good for body and soul as well as your eyes:)

I love you butterflies, gorgeous!!!

Get well soon.


KatzElbows said...

Sorry about your eye, but it hasn't stopped you making a butterfly that is making my mouth water. It's gorgeous. So beautiful. Yum!

Joanne said...

Oh a zebra butterfly, very rare specimen indeed and hardly ever seen in the UK. Actually, they can only be seen through one eye!!!!! Sorry, that was naughty but meant to raise a smile 'cos you feel yacky. Get better soon though.
Hugs Joanne xx

Dragon said...

Woo It's totally beautiful, Jennie... you really should enter it into my TIO challenge this week, which is red, as you know cos you visited, (thankyou) I totally adore UTEE, in fact ep of any sort, it's like alchemy!!! Sorry you have a poorly eye...
Oh my, I feel my melt pots warming up!!!

Wanda said...

Wow, I love that butterfly!I must try out the EP technique. Love the richness of the background. Thanks for joining us this week at the TIO challenge.
Wanda xx

wearestampers said...

Your butterfly is just gorgeous! Love the swirls in it. Still have not tried the melting pot, I believe I'm missing out!! Hope your eye heals up fast!

SannaS said...

WOW!!! GORGEOUS!!!! =)

Von said...

Aww sorry your eye is not good :( just had a phone call canceling tomorrows work shop, but a lovely tag leaving me wondering what we would have done
Von x

inkypinkycraft said...

Wow what a beautiful butterfly, it still looks almost liquid,mlve it. I need a melt pot!!!! Trace x

Helen said...

Hope your eye recovers soon, love the tag.

Dragon said...

Woo, so glad you did it... great dreaming!!

ElizabethR said...

Gorgeous tag love the shine it makes me think of hot spun sugar. Thanks for sharing with us the TIO this week. Elizabeth x

Vee said...

Gorgeous butterfly, I just love this technique. Hope your eye is better soon!
Vee xx

Doone said...

call me weird (and most people do) but I like it when blogs are about the hello and how are you,

to me that's as nice as seeing your fantabuloius creations and the how to's,


Sid said...

Fab butterfly Jennie. Hope your eye recovers soon !!

craftimamma said...

Oooh poor you Jennie! That's such a nasty thing to have - 3 yr old granddaughter had it in both eyes a couple of months ago.

Love the UTEE butterfly. The effect you have achieved reminds me of one of the steampunk butterflies you sell with the squiggly metal.

Lesley Xx

Debbie said...

You are right. Most of us don't start off with saying hello, do we? Absolutely LOVE your butterfly! Must try this technique!

Silvia(Barnie) said...

Such a wonderful tag, love the background and the butterfly is fantastic. Thanks for dreaming with TIO this week.

blackdragon said...

I hope you feel better really soon.
This is truely inspirational.
Thank you for dreaming with us at T.I.O