Tuesday, September 06, 2011

ooh la, la!

Bonjour mes amis!
Day: Sunday ; Time: 4am,  Place: Braderie de Lille, France! Company:  6 gypsies set off to travel under the sea to tramp the streets of Lille, France in search of the elusive treasure!
What a wonderful day it was! I was in seventh heaven....it was like being in the biggest junk shop in the world! It is undescribable....thousands of poeple (they say 2 million visit every year), thousands of stalls, all selling this and that and even a bit more! lol I certainly didn't take enough photos...
We were there early enough to park near, so not far to walk ( well that is an understatement, but not far to walk to the beginning, whenerever  that might be, as the whole of the centre of Lille is shut off, and there are just streets and streets of antiques, and bric a brac and food, and treasure!

Walk; buy; walk; coffee; walk; look; walk; lunch: the traditional moules et frites; glass of rose!

Walk; more treasure; walk; amazing sites; new made to look old!

Walk; supermarket; cheese, bread; goodies for home!

Back under the sea, and time to collapse!
Thank you to the best 5 gypsies I know,, Jane ( thank you for driving)  Kate, Julie, Helen, and Charlotte  it was pleasure to be with you, and I am raising a glass to the next one!
jusqu'à la prochaine fois!


Helen said...

Looks great fun, but exhausting!

Sarah Anderson said...

Wow, it looks amazing! Did you get some great goodies? Bet you feel like you need to sleep for a week after a trip like that, you must have walked miles around all the stalls xx

Pickleberry Papercrafts said...

My legs still aren't functioning properly!

Shoshi said...

That looks fascinating and fun! Glad you had a good time. Worth wearing yourself out in such a good cause!

Sid said...

Glad you had a fab time.....wish I had been there to sample those Moules !!

Diana said...

Want. Wicker. Doll. Carriage.

Netty said...

You obviously all had a great time and am sure you bought loads and loads......lol

Kat said...

looks like you all had an amazing time, i must say I have never hurd of this market before,
I think i'll look out for it next year, you never know I may just bump into you over there, how bazzar would that be.
Kat x.

Dragon said...

Ooh la la indeedy!!! Quelles jolies pupees!!! I want some... never seen so many in one box... Are they genuine, from a dolly house? Anyway, it looks like a great trip, but too much walking for me I think!!